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ARchive: mindfulness workshop 2020

We offer 30 minute mindfulness sessions from Mon-Thurs at 4:00 PM PST that include simple meditation and exercises to strengthen your practice. 

The following six-week agenda is specifically built to help children learn mindfulness techniques to strengthen their mind-body connection, improve concentration, and calm any fears or anxieties. We highly recommend that you attend each session for all six weeks, although you can join anytime for as many sessions as you like. 

Zoom Details

Please read the Disclaimer before joining a mindfulness session. 


Our team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


You can also attend the session Live from our Facebook page. 

Program Details

Week 1: Apr 27 - Apr 30 2020

  • Theme: Embracing the Unknown

Week 2: May 4 - May 7 2020

  • Theme: Overcoming Anxiety

Week 3: May 11-  May 14 2020

  • Theme: Practicing Gratitude

Week 4: May 18 - May 21 2020

  • Theme: Building Resilience

Week 5: May 25 - May 28 2020

  • Theme: Acceptance & Letting Go

Week 6: June 1 - June 4 2020

  • Theme: Loving-Kindness

Contact us to request a session in your time zone. 

30 Minutes R.E.S.T Format

  • (R)elax: 5 minutes of welcome 

  • (E)ngage: 5 minutes of introduction to the week's theme
  • (S)ilence: 15 minutes of live guided meditation
  • (T)ransform: 5 minutes of instructions and demo for an exercise to build your practice

(Optional) Once the session is over, send your questions using the Chat feature in Zoom for an interactive Q&A. 

Zoom details
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