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mindfulness & ART series: SUMMER 2021

"Art washes away from soul, the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages through India, we want to offer art therapy for people in lockdown as fear, panic, and helplessness rips through their souls while they navigate the unknown. 

  • What it is: A six-week program covering mindfulness and art therapy led by Paul Heussenstamm, a renowned artist, and Monica, a certified mindfulness practitioner. Both Paul and Monica are based in the US. 

  • How it works: You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting after registering. The classes will be conducted in English, with Hindi translators available. 

  • When is it: One hour class every Wednesday from Jun 2, 2021 - Jul 7, 2021 at 10 AM IST.

  • Who can attend: Residents of India over 10 years of age.

  • What to bring: A pencil, a paper, and an open heart. 

  • Cost: All our programs are always offered free with the intent to spread mindfulness and its benefits globally.  

Please read the Disclaimer before registering. 

This workshop is no longer offered, but you can view the recordings on our YouTube channel


Pic Credit: Paul Heussenstamm

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