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MIndfulness sessions archive

After finishing an immensely popular six-week program on June 4th, 2020, which offered free live guided meditations four times a week, we offered a six-week summer workshop to help take your practice to the next level. 

Access our sessions, guided meditations, and workbooks using the links below.  Subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to stay tuned for upcoming offerings. 

  • Overcoming anxiety:  Stress and anxiety are a part of life. In fact, some levels of stress can motivate us to change and grow. However, chronic anxiety can threaten our physical and mental well being. This module will teach you how to recognize difficult feelings and overcome them with mindfulness.

  • Building resilience: Resilience helps to bounce back from everyday challenges—major or minor. Personal values, social skills, and positive thinking habits contribute to overcoming challenges and creating better opportunities for success and greater self-confidence.  


​Please read the Disclaimer before registering for a mindfulness session. 



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