Our Mission

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski

Even apart, we've still got each other's back

As schools across the country and many parts of the globe remain closed, it has become increasingly important to focus on mental wellbeing and psychological safety to avoid long-lasting scars for teens and young adults. 

The abrupt and sudden change has left hundreds of thousands of students dealing with isolated schedules, challenges of distant learning, fear of unknown, lack of resources, and difficult home situations. On top of this, most students are faced with lack of coping mechanisms to deal with the stress, fear, and disappointment induced by COVID-19. Students are at increased risk of depression and anxiety as loneliness can lead to decline in mental and physical health. 

Benefits of mindfulness

Several studies (such as at MIT & Harvard) have scientifically proven that mindfulness empowers students to:

  • Stay calm during crisis

  • Improve focus and enhance academic performance

  • Build resilience

  • Lower anxiety and severity of depression

  • Increase emotional intelligence


Apart But Not Alone provides a platform for students of all regions, cultures, ethnicity, and backgrounds to participate in an online session led by certified practitioners to practice mindfulness, learn techniques to combat anxiety, channel their inner strength, and find a non-judgemental setting to stay connected during social isolation.


  • Read the Disclaimer before signing up.

  • Attendees under 13 should preferably sign up using their parent/guardian's email ID

  • Parents or guardians are encouraged to sit in with kids younger than 10 years old. 

  • Download the Zoom app on the device you will use to attend the mindfulness session

  • Wear comfortable clothes and have a cushion in your sitting space

  • If possible, sit in a quiet place without background disturbances such as TV, music, or other people

  • Avoid getting up for water, snack, or bathroom break during the session

  • Your camera must be off and audio muted during the entire session

  • Mute other app notifications on your device 

  • Try to keep your eyes closed during the mindfulness practice

  • To ask questions, type your questions in the private chat. The instructor will read back the question and answer it for the group.