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Project OxyGen

Let's nurture Mother Nature

​In the middle of this relentless pandemic ravaging through India, there is an intensifying sense of helplessness and disconnect from the environment. The urgent need for oxygen accentuates the eternal value of Mother Nature and all the abundance she brings to us to sustain our lives.

We can cultivate calm within ourselves and our surroundings by expressing gratitude and respect for Mother Nature. As nature nurtures us, it's our responsibility to nurture nature.

For a healthier and safer tomorrow, we must act now—and planting trees is a beautiful way to show we care. It also strengthens the vitality of our environment and replenishes the oxygen in our ecosystem. 

We have committed to planting 2000 trees throughout Delhi, India to help the city breathe. You can either plant a tree yourself, or have us plant it for you. Register using the button below, and we will send you a pic once the tree is planted in honor of the person you choose. 

With each planted tree, send a message of gratitude to Mother Nature. May she always protect us and may we always protect her.

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