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Let's go inside, when we can't go outside

About US

Apart But Not Alone was launched in April 2020 by a 15 & 11 year old brother-sister duo to introduce mindfulness as a coping mechanism to students globally affected by the COVID pandemic. 

Apart But Not Alone provides a free online platform for teens and young adults worldwide to practice mindfulness in a live guided format with a certified meditation coach. With continued practice, students learn techniques to calm their inner storms and embrace the unknown. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to improve cognition, increase attention, and reduce stress, especially among children. 

While our program is aimed at teens and young adults, we have had participants of all ages join (and benefit from) our program! We have reached 2400+ attendees in 17 countries. 

Register for an upcoming mindfulness series or contact us if you would like us to offer a session in your time zone. 



For an overview of our organization, visit


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