HOw it works

  • Register for a topic you're interested in. We recommend signing up for all of them!  

  • Sessions are kicked off live on Zoom by a certified mindfulness practitioner

  • You will receive Zoom details, mindfulness workbooks, and guided meditations after you register

  • Sessions are conducted in English


  • You must choose to attend the mindfulness sessions out of your own choice

  • Read the Disclaimer before signing up.Read 

  • Attendees under 13 should preferably sign up using their parent/guardian's email ID

  • Parents or guardians are encouraged to sit in with kids younger than 10 years old. 

  • Download the Zoom app on the device you will use to attend the mindfulness session

  • Wear comfortable clothes and have a cushion in your sitting space

  • If possible, sit in a quiet place without background disturbances such as TV, music, or other people

  • Avoid getting up for water, snack, or bathroom break during the session

  • Your camera must be off and audio muted during the entire session

  • Mute other app notifications on your device 

  • Try to keep your eyes closed during the mindfulness practice

  • To ask questions, type your questions in the private chat. The instructor will read back the question and answer it for the group.